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Travel The World

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This work of art was inspired by an incredible experience I had on a flight home. I had a window seat on that flight & the view was cloudy until all of a sudden the clouds split open & the rays of the sun along with these beautiful sunset colors appeared. That moment connects me with this piece & makes me realize how grateful we should all be to have this kind of freedom to travel, experience new horizons, meet new people & take everything we have learned back to where we’re from. I use the wooden figure in my artwork so that the character is neutral. This gives everyone an opportunity to create their own connection with this work of art. 

Product Information:

Printed on High Quality Gloss Paper

Printed with a white border that nicely frames the design.

Frame not included


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Carrie Stejskal
Beautiful, Bright and Fun!

I'm so glad I got a print, it's so beautiful and bright and it makes me happy just looking at it! I put it in an acrylic frame to hang on the wall. I haven't yet decided where to put it on the wall, but I will find one soon! I love your work! It's so fun and playful!

Luke Walters
A GREAT small business to support!

I really love the art. A high quality print, and the customer service was great too😁

I can’t wait to get my print up on the wall!

Roman Garcia
Travel the World

One of my absolute favorite prints. I wake up every morning and it’s the first thing I see. It reminds me that everything I’m working towards will lead me to travel the world. It’s a beautiful print with tons of color and I absolutely love it.