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To The Moon & Back

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To The Moon & Back

"The artwork that I create is all about love, traveling & adventuring.

For this painting I wanted to bring these themes together by placing them inside of an owl.

The owl has always been one of my favorite animals. They are wise, patient, and well aware of their surroundings.

Those characteristics are important for us to have in order to protect our energies & radiate the right kind of love to the ones closest to us.

Inside of the owl outline you see two people that truly love each other kicking back after a long day of adventuring out in nature.

They’re looking out towards the lake, mountains, and the moon!

I love looking at the moon as a symbol of new beginnings.

The future is always exciting. Especially when you have someone you love to experience it with.

This painting is a story that never ends.

When you become the new owner of this painting, it becomes your story to continue with your loved one, and with all hopes, last forever!" - Anthony Sal

Size: 12 inches x 12 inches

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 


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