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I Need My Space

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Inspired by butterflies & outer space, the concept behind these inspirations goes beyond what is revealed on the surface.

Having the self awareness to realize that you need your own space is a form of self love.

Whether you're saying, "I need my space" to someone, or yourself, the intentions are always pure because you're giving yourself the room to flourish into becoming the best version of yourself.

A butterfly goes through different stages in order to reach its final admirable form.

It starts off as an egg, turns into a caterpillar, then a pupa, and eventually breaks out into a beautiful butterfly.

These stages are similar to the life as a human being.

We start off as babies, take our first steps, grow as kids & begin to learn right from wrong. As we grow older we all go through the ups & downs. These life experiences put us in the right spaces, in order to reach the incredible opportunities & moments we desire.

Outer space has no limits & there is always more to find out there. 

I apply this perspective towards goals in life. There's always more to accomplish & experience. The space we create for ourselves gives us the opportunity to reflect & grow towards becoming better than we could ever imagine.

Allow this painting to be your reminder to continue breaking through all the barriers life puts in your way, and to provide yourself the space needed to continue tapping into your highest potential.

Size: 12 inches x 12 inches

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: Made in 2019


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Please allow 2-4 weeks for Anthony to prepare the painting for delivery. It will 100% be worth the wait!

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